Momentum Workbook 1


Available in English and Spanish. Purchase one workbook per participant.

This workbook includes the values of:
  • Goals
  • Facts
  • Planning
  • Creativity
  • Productivity
  • Resilience



Description of Momentum Workbook 1

The Momentum Module One Workbook is part of a series of RoundTable® books that include six values pulled from the resources of the 45+ values. The series is designed to focus on specific topics to speed up your transformation. Forward motion begins by making a plan and working that plan to meet your goals. As you do that, you gain strength and motivation to continue moving forward. In the first book of this two-part, 12-value series, you and your team will gain momentum by making weekly action steps that drive you toward a better future.

Copyright in English and Spanish

Global Priority values are NOT approved for photocopying or being reproduced by any means without express written consent from Global Priority Solutions. The scanning, uploading and distribution of this book without permission is a theft of the authors’ intellectual property. If you would like permission to use material from the book (other than for review purposes), please contact Thank you for your support of the authors’ rights. RoundTable® Methodology used by permission from RoundTable® Publishing Co. All rights reserved. Registered, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Todos los materiales son propiedad de Global Priority Solutions, LLC. Global Priority Solutions, no se permite ningún tipo de impresión o reproducción de este material sin el debido consentimiento. Esto podría significar una  violación a los derechos de autor. Derechos reservados por Global Priority Solutions, LLC © 2017. Mesa Redonda® (RoundTable) es una Metodología utilizada con permiso de RoundTable Publishing Co. Todos los derechos reservados. Registrado, Oficina de Patentes y Marcas de los Estados Unidos. Los valores de prioridad global (Global Priority) no están aprobados para ser fotocopiados o reproducidos de ninguna forma sin la previa autorización de Global Priority Solutions, LLC.


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