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About us



Global Priority is a world leader in implementing the message of values-driven leadership. For more than 30 years we have focused our attention on developing high-capacity, values-driven leaders.



Our Mission is to take your corporate values off the wall and put them into the hearts and minds of people! What if there was a way to change the culture of your organization, a school system, the government or an entire nation?



We begin with "thought leaders", creating shifts in approach and perspective. We do not dictate—WE COLLABORATE. Our custom solutions are designed for those looking to create long-term...



Global Priority Solutions offers 45+ values separated into 5 module workbooks. Individuals, small groups and businesses may use our effective RoundTable™ Methodology while exploring the 45+ Character Values.

Our Stories

My First RoundTable™

"I wanted to thank you for all you did to help me to prepare for my first RoundTable™. They (the Salon) absolutely loved it! We just wrapped up our final...

RoundTables™ in Family Court

RoundTables™ at Milliken Community Court where 27 kids are taking part. RoundTables™ with their parents start next month.  ...

Esthela Brings Transformation

Esthela is transforming people, who transform culture. Mi Primer Mesa Redonda™ en Valores como Global Priority Solutions Specialist. La empresa Constructora "Los Angeles", su propietaria Heidee Meza interesada en agregar...

All Backgrounds and Races Come Together

Transforming your Community group has just begun their third book. These are men that are residing in a transitional home and most have just come out of jail. The entire...

Buggy Rides in Ohio!

We love introducing GPS Specialists to the Amish culture when they come to our training in Ohio. Specialist Owen Yoder gives buggy rides during one of the lunch breaks....

RoundTables™ for Small Groups!

New GPS Specialists Joel and Sharaya Poulin recently started RoundTables™ in their small group at church. Great job Joel and Sharaya!...

RoundTables™ in NY

After the hustle and bustle of getting things (The RoundTable™) going, the rewards far outweigh the challenges. As a pastor, I enjoy seeing a few shed tears. I know something...

Hope of Life

I lead teams to serve and volunteer in Guatemala at a place called Hope Of Life. Being that my teams are from all backgrounds, the RoundTable™ is a place where...


The value of RESPECT really works wonders. I introduced it to a team after a full one day program of Conflict Resolution. Their challenges: xenophobia, racism, disrespect, anger, rudeness, conflict,...

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Our Training

Become a Global Priority Specialist

Our GPS Specialists deliver the complete portfolio of GPS Business Programs. They personalize the programs in order to meet the needs of sophisticated business clients by relying on their own experience and business acumen to enhance core content.

Become a RoundTable™ Facilitator

A Facilitator learns how to implement the RoundTable™ Methodology in a personal or not-for-profit setting to impact friends, family, and colleagues to bring incremental change. A Facilitator is not a teacher or trainer, but someone with a desire to change themselves and facilitate change in others.

Invite a GPS Specialist

GPS Trainers and Specialists are available to assess the needs of your company or organization by implementing the specialized training and experience we've accumulated. Contact a Specialist through the personal contact information given by each individual.

Invite a RoundTable™ Facilitator

Our Trainers and Certified GPS Specialists can come and assess your needs and give your team the tools needed to implement the RoundTable™ methodology unique to our success.

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Our Team

Our RoundTable™ Specialists

  • Module 1 Values

        1. Attitude
        2. Hard Work
        3. Honesty
        4. Listening
        5. Goals
        6. Saving
        7. Responsibility
        8. Patience
        9. Generosity
        10.Resolving Conflict
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  • Module 2 Values

        1. Understanding People
        2. Facts
        3. Dependability
        4. Boundaries
        5. Forgiveness
        6. Debt
        7. Common Sense
        8. Ambition
        9. Confrontation
        10. Restraint
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  • Module 3 Values

        1. Inspiration
        2. Motives
        3. Developing People
        4. Pressure
        5. Direction
        6. Ownership
        7. Transparency
        8. Criticism
        9. Emotions
        10. Right Thinking
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  • Module 4 Values

        1. 1. Humility
        1. 2. Influence
        1. 3. Productivity
        1. 4. Resilience
        1. 5. Ethics
        1. 6. Judgment
        1. 7. Correction
        1. 8. Planning
        1. 9. Sowing
        1. 10. Prosperity
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  • Module 5 Values

      1. 1. Hope
      1. 2. Respect
      1. 3. Preparation
      1. 4. Self-Esteem
      1. 5. Creativity
      1. 6. Teamwork
      1. 7. Connection
      1. 8. Empathy

  • RoundTable Companion

    The Companion booklet was created to aid the Facilitator in recording the progress of participants of the RoundTable™. The simple and easy-to-use companion helps you capture transformational moments.

  • Next Gen RoundTables – Module 1

    Values for Youth.


        Hard Work


  • One value made a huge change…
    Our organization had gone through several management changes in a very short amount of time which caused a lack of trust, huge turnover rate, low production and attendance, and a lot of frustration. The current management team had a difficult time communicating and cooperating with each other and teamwork was at an all-time low. When…
  • Carla R.
    I cannot begin to express the appreciation I have in my heart and soul for all I have learned and experienced from my GPS training, fellowship with you all, and sharing what I have learned with others...blessings beyond measure! Thank you!
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