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“I have spent more than 40 years teaching leadership and in order to be an effective leader, you must first lead yourself well. The material developed by Global Priority Solutions will help people lead themselves through life successfully.”

– Dr. John C. Maxwell, Founder John Maxwell Company

“The RoundTables at Milliken Community Court have been attended by thirty youth divided into tables of 5-7 lead by a certified Facilitator. These sessions have been enthusiastically attended and the youth have expressed the desire to continue.”

– Silvia Martinez, Case Manager Milliken Community Court

I cannot begin to express the appreciation I have in my heart and soul for all I have learned and experienced from my GPS training, fellowship with you all, and sharing what I have learned with others…blessings beyond measure! Thank you!

– Carla R., GPS Specialist

“I had a 19 year old girl on my team… She was open and honest and shed tears and she grew greatly through this process. This process bridged the generation gap and she was able to be poured into from the people around her. It was extremely positive and rewarding”.

– Rob L., GPS Specialist

“RoundTable brings everyone participating to the same level. The boss is able to share his stories and experiences and learn from other employees and their experiences, while the employees are able to do the same. It brings teams closer together and, in my experiences, creates an atmosphere of respect, learning and growth.”

– Cameron Y., Media Specialist

“I could see where I wanted to be but had no idea how to get there. RoundTable changed that. By putting a real honest effort into RoundTable, I was able to not only feel like a leader but possess the tools to be one…Not just in the workplace but in my personal life as well.”

– Liz S., Hotel Services

“Thank you for giving me the skills and introducing me to a mind-blowing process that is destined to change our World! …They (people) now know that they can HOPE and get results for their lives, because they believe.”

– Arthie M., GPS Specialist

Our organization had gone through several management changes in a very short amount of time which caused a lack of trust, huge turn over rate, low production and attendance, and a lot of frustration. The current management team had a difficult time communicating and cooperating with each other and teamwork was at an all-time low.

When presenting the concept of values-based RoundTables to the management team I am a part of at my place of employment, we went through one value over lunch so they could experience exactly what this concept is.

It was amazing to see the transformation in our relationship just after going through one value. Teamwork has increased, we hold each other accountable in a far more respectful and uplifting manner but the best part of the transformation is…our management team wants to implement this into all of our employees, recognizing the RoundTables will bring our area to the next several levels of increased customer service, job performance, and increase the value of each other. Thank you G.P.S. for all you do in transforming lives!

– Suzan M., GPS Specialist

“I have learned more useful information on how to be a better leader with the Global Priority RoundTable system than any seminar that I have attended or book that I have read. It is an awesome process!”

– Scott R. Pipes, Pipes Insurance Service, Ltd. CEO

“Participating in a Global Priority RoundTable will grow your character in a practical, life-changing way and give you unbelievable opportunities to deepen your relationship with others. It’s a great way to keep from living an unproductive and ineffective life.”

– Dwight Mason, Lead Pastor New Pointe Community Church

“For me personally, I loved facilitating this value (Excellence) as it is jammed packed with nuggets that, when integrated into my life, will support me in becoming more excellent in several areas of work, friendships, and family. Truly, this is a foundational value that everyone can grow in and create more goals and dreams.”

– John Edwards, Founder Life Quest Seminars

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