*Become a Global Priority Specialist

Those who take our training can bundle the complete portfolio of GPS Business Programs with their other skills to meet the needs of their clients. They can personalize the programs in order to meet the needs of sophisticated business clients by relying on their own experience and business acumen to enhance core content.

The 3 R’s: RoundTable™, Reinforcement, Recognition

RoundTable: “Small, measurable action steps… little by little.”

A RoundTable™, at its most basic definition, is a very simple, but highly effective way to have a discussion. Gather some co-workers, friends or family. Using the 45+ values provided by GPS, you have a 30-60 minute conversation about a value chosen for that week. Everyone gets to share from their own experience about their own journey.

Our comprehensive approach involves all levels of an organization to develop an aligned culture. As a Specialist, you will conduct a series of RoundTables™ that will unleash dormant goals, motivations, and attitudes. This propels employees to think differently, act differently, and become difference-makers. You will also communicate fundamental business concepts and share real-world examples.

Reinforcement: Global Priority Solutions has some excellent materials for reinforcing the character trait your group is focusing on for the week. These materials include inspirational posters, attitude challenge bracelets, High Five™ promotion posters, Pareto Planner Booklets, break room flyer templates that leave space for your own inner-company promotions, and methods for incorporating character into reviews and disciplinary actions.

Recognition: A highlight for Global Priority Solutions is the materials used for recognition. GPS can provide you with customized copier-ready Character Certificate templates, High Five™ Certificate templates, and High Five™ stickers. Recognized POSITIVE behavior by peers and those in authority leads to an environment for more positive behavior. Catching someone in the act of doing something good is contagious and rewards both the recipient and the participant.

Is this training right for you? Questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have a passion for Values-Based Leadership?
  • Do you already have an audience for a Values-Based Program?
  • Are you looking for a program that will mainly impact only leaders or a program with application for everyone?
  • Are your skills compatible with facilitating a group of people?
  • Do words like Values, Transformation, Culture Change, Personal Growth, and Character align with your purpose?



Become a RoundTable™ Facilitator

A Facilitator learns how to implement the RoundTable™ Methodology in a personal or not-for-profit setting to impact friends, family, and colleagues to bring incremental change. A Facilitator is not a teacher or trainer, but someone with a desire to change themselves and facilitate change in others.

The RoundTable™ Methodology is powerful in its simplicity. The Facilitator plays a very important role in the process. A Facilitator can be defined as “someone who enables a process to happen, especially someone who encourages people to find their own solutions to problems by modeling the process”. The great thing is, you don’t have to teach, fix, impress, lecture or counsel anyone. Your goal is to participate, be a real authentic person, and an honest contributor with a desire for accountability.

This training is for you if:

…you are looking for a way to grow personally, love and respect people, and desire a measurable form of transformation.

…you’ve been using the RoundTable™ Methodology and want to make a greater impact.

…there is a desire in you to make a difference in the world, by first being different.

…application that leads to the creation of a weekly, measurable, achievable action step is something you’ve been looking for. It’s do-able!


Invite a GPS Specialist

GPS Trainers and those that have taken the Specialist training are available to assess the needs of your company or organization by implementing the specialized training and experience we’ve accumulated. *Specialists are not employees of Global Priority Solutions.

We go beyond the typical consulting assessment process to gain a deeper understanding of your organization so we can make a real impact. Let us come in and perform an Alignment Interview. We have a tool called VBL360 that can assess the climate of your organization. This is crucial in the methodology of Values-Based Leadership. This tool will identify 3 core strengths and uncover 2 constraints that must be aligned for exponential growth. All people possess a personal value system. When their values are aligned with your values, the temperature will change, creativity can flourish, and the speed of progression will increase.

Follow the assessment with the 3 R’s that bring cultural change and the common language to your company. Each Specialist bundles our tools with their own expertise. To invite a GPS Specialist, send us an e-mail for more information.


Host a RoundTable™ Facilitator Training

Our Trainers and those that have taken the Specialists training can come and assess your needs and give your team the tools needed to implement the RoundTable™ Methodology unique to our success. In a matter of a few hours, you can see the Facilitator role modeled and train others in your group of friends and colleagues on how to get the best results from the 45+ values we offer in our RoundTable™ format. Learn tips on Facilitating, how to lower barriers and keep the conversation moving.

Facilitator Training is better caught than taught. We will SHOW you, not just tell you that the process is key to unlocking the transformation in those around you by sitting under a trained Facilitator and seeing firsthand how to implement the methodology. Change in people is not an event – it’s a process which can be accelerated!

To invite a Facilitator Trainer send us an email for more information.

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