Mini Pareto—Daily Task List PDF

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This task list is based on the Pareto Principle which states:
“20% of your priorities will give you
80% of your production
You spend your time, energy, money
and personnel on the top 20% of your priorities.”*

To conduct your days according to this principle and to reap it’s benefits you must:
Determine who your top 20% of people are.
Spend 80% of your “people time” with the top 20% of your people.
Determine which 20% of the work gives you the greatest return for your time and focus on that 80% of the time. Delegate what you can and leave “busy work” to do in half hour time blocks so that it does not interfere with your productive time.
Ask your top 20% of people to do training with the next 20%.
If you do not know your top 20% of people or work, ask your supervisor or mentor to help you figure it out.
Re-evaluate regularly and make adjustments when necessary.

* For a deeper understanding of this concept, we recommend reading Dr. John C. Maxwell’s “Developing the Leader Within You”.