Values have become one of the critical conversations of our day. With our 45+ values, we have created 45+ critical conversations. These values were written to address concerns in the business arena, but have spilled over into every area of life, affecting families, schools, communities, churches, and even governments around the world.

ROUNDTABLE™ is our way to have that conversation. It’s a very simple, but highly effective way to have a discussion; a small group reading, underlining, and responding to the value of the week. Everyone gets to share from their own experience about their own journey. When we apply truth to ourselves it brings transformation. If we try to apply truth to others, they feel judged and resist the process. No one operates well under judgment. Transformation begins with me!

We address topics like Honesty, Hard Work, Listening, Responsibility and Attitude… just to name a few. With your FREE SUBSCRIPTION you will get 4 FREE VALUES: LISTENING, RESTRAINT, SELF-ESTEEM, and HOPE. You will also be signed up for our WEEKLY NEWSLETTER. Each week we will highlight a value and give you insights that will help you grow as a person and increase your influence as well as your leadership abilities.

Use our FREE values to become familiar with the RoundTable™ conversations. Clients, family and friends can also subscribe and receive the FREE values on their computer so you can experience the RoundTable™ together!

 So take a seat at the table and let’s get started!