Last week (December 2014) while in Egypt, I had the opportunity to present Global Priority Solutions to the largest Cell phone company in Egypt with six thousand employees. The CEO was called into a meeting just before ours so our meeting was with the Culture Specialist, which I thought was an interesting position, and the H.R Manager. After sharing a bit of our history, what the program was about and what the benefits would be, I led them into a RoundTable; I am always amazed at the Magic and Power of the RoundTable. We had a great time with meaningful actions moving forward. When the CEO came into the room he apologized for not being there and asked if I could tell him about the program. Rather than me explain I had the team members tell him about it. They proceeded to marvel about the Methodology© and it’s impact. It looks good for a January start with the Management Team.

– Mike Poulin, Global Priority Solutions Trainer