The staff of the Nigerian Prisons who participated in the Ethics First program and five fresh ones had their first RoundTable™ meeting on Wednesday August 1, 2012 at their national headquarters here in Abuja. We, (Nkem Onyekwere, Leslie Sander & Brian Mbaya) the three Global Priority Nigeria National Trainers resident in Abuja were there.

The meeting commenced with a 15 minute recap by Mr. Leslie Sander on what the RoundTable™ meeting is all about and what it is meant to achieve, which is to get every Nigerian to do the right thing and transform Nigeria. He re-echoed this truth, that transformation is a result of a process not an event, and should begin first with every one of us. He went on further to encourage everyone present, that because we have been chosen as change agents, we should not abort this process, as we have laid our hands on the plow we should not look back because “better is possible”.

I facilitated the RoundTable™ and took them through the value of Hard Work.  Mr. Brian handled the filling of the action box, where he made sure that their responses were S-pecific, M-easurable, A-ctions that will be taken  L-ittle by L-ittle. My heart leaped with joy when the response from the Prison Officers gradually moved from analyzing the nuggets that stood out to them,  to  personalizing these truths and also requested to invite more of their colleagues.

The RoundTable™ ended exactly at the slated time [2pm], and will continue next week  at same time same venue.  For sure, better is possible in Nigeria!