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Now you can choose from 9 languages for your RoundTable™: English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Arabic, Icelandic, Dutch, French and German. Simply register each email and choose the language you desire. More workbooks are available for purchase on our Resources page or search Global Priority Solutions on for our Kindle Versions!

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Go deeper into each value with trainers Dawn Yoder, Mike Poulin and Bernie Torrence. Also, listen to why a value was written and hear it read by Dawn Yoder on the Inside Trax version of the value!


Now you can choose from 9 languages for your RoundTable™: English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Arabic, Icelandic, Dutch, French and German. Everyone needs connection and you can be the catalyst everyone needs!


We offer trainings to equip you to get the most out of every RoundTable experience. Choose from BECOME A FACILITATOR (level 1) or BECOME A TRANSFORMATION SPECIALIST! (our level 2 certification).

The world needs leaders right now. And you are one.

Welcome to the Global Priority Solutions (GPS) RoundTable™ Methodology. During this time in history, the GPS leadership team is privileged to gift you with this discussion material to foster connection, promote awareness, encourage personal growth and most importantly, bring hope. We specifically chose these 6 values (Dutch has 4) for this pivotal time in history. This is not the time to bury ourselves in distractions or become consumed by fear. We need to be intentional about what deserves our attention. Now more than ever, we need to remember the importance of valuing relationships and cultivating hope.

Transformation begins with me. Each one of us plays an important role in the development of ourselves, our families and our communities. When difficulties arise, doing the right thing, making the tough call, and shining the light of hope and possibility are what create strong leaders and plant the seeds of promise for a better future.

Our earnest desire is that you will use this material to communicate and connect with family, friends and business associates at a heart level that both reveals and brings out the best in each member of the group. The RoundTables™ are a proven methodology of two-way communication where people are transparent, self-revelation is experienced and people grow closer as they grow together. They can be done in person or virtually through your phone or webcam. As a team, we have been a part of many amazing and beautiful virtual RoundTables™ and challenge you to use this time where we are keeping our physical distance to connect at a deeper level.

It is time to extend compassion, lead by example, walk in wisdom, doubt our fears and believe in our faith. There is a difference only you can make.

We are in this together.

The GPS Team
Jerry Anderson, Mike Poulin, Bernie Torrence, Carol Yoder and Dawn Yoder