I cannot begin to express the appreciation I have in my heart and soul for all I have learned and experienced from my GPS training, fellowship with you all, and sharing what I have learned with others...blessings beyond measure! Thank you!

As I was taught from you that the quality of the table starts with the leader, I was able to approach the (RoundTable) table with humility and honesty, which produced a similar reaction from my team. The team loved it! This process bridged the generation gap... Extremely positive and rewarding!

Two weeks ago the value was 'Good attitude'. One man's 'good attitude' action was to contact his ex-wife without any agenda, just to open the door for communication and to hear how she and his daughter are. Last week he saw his daughter for the first time in four years and there is now an open door to start building a relationship with her.

We are already seeing the impact of this 'whole person' approach to business development in the lives and businesses of our participants after only 4 weeks.


"Thank you for giving me the skills and introducing me to a mind-blowing process that is destined to change our World! We have the pleasure of facilitating the values where the majority of the people are unemployed and destitute. Yet, they patiently wait after service every Sunday to do the RoundTable process. See, they now know that they can HOPE and get results for their lives, because they believe."