Momentum Workbook 2*


As a Specialist, you have the option to purchase this workbook in various formats. Please read all the details carefully. Purchase one training workbook for each participant.


As you are probably aware, we operate largely on the honor system. Thank you ahead of time for operating in values.

Here are the options we have added for you:

  1. PRINT AND SHIP: This option is for when you are ordering paper copies in the US/Canada. We will print your order and ship them to you.
  2. YOU PRINT IN YOUR NATION: This option allows you to order the number of copies you would like to print in your country. This is for when you are doing an in-person RoundTable™ or are mailing books via postal service. Order as many as you like, but only print the number you order. You can order again when you are ready to print more!
  3. YOU SEND OUT A PDF IN YOUR EMAIL: We now have the option for you to order a PDF of the workbooks you want to send out in your email. You will be responsible to add terms to the recipient. This is for your virtual RoundTables™. You need to send the entire book at once. Right now you do not have the option to send one value at a time.
  4. KINDLE DOWNLOAD: The other option available is a digital version through Amazon Kindle. This version allows you to use the free Kindle app so you can underline and make notes on your digital book. Go to and search Global Priority Solutions to see if this option is available for this workbook.


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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × .2 × 11 in

English, Spanish


Printed Paper Workbook Shipped US/Canada, Print Paper Workbooks In Your Nation, PDF Send Through Your Email


Participant's Workbook, Facilitator Edition