Vinny Del Signore

Vinny Del Signore

GPS Certified Specialist

My passion is working with people.  I’m a strong advocate of values-based leadership and hope to lead companies to discover the power of the RoundTable.  Many companies claim to be values driven, yet do little to put the words on their posters into the minds of their employees.  Yes, employees can align their values with those of the company.  Global Priority Solutions can help.

Many large firms require employees to sign off on business conduct guidelines each year and expect them to do the right thing.  Yet few provide an outline of universal principles that define the “right thing”.  The GPS approach is a simple yet profound way to help align people with vision.  An employee that aligns his values with universal principles will be happier and more productive.

Many corporate statements speak to processes and product.  It’s time to speak to people.

Vinny resides in southern New Hampshire, with his wife and five children.