John Dahl

John Dahl

GPS Certified Specialist

My name is John Dahl, I have been married for 38 Years to my wife Alice, we have 2 daughters – Crystal who is married with their 2 children living in Chicago and Valerie who is single and still lives with us in Vancouver.

I was involved in Corporate Management for 20+ years. In the private sector over the past 15+ years I was instrumental in managing and expanding two start-up companies into becoming successful businesses.

Besides traditional education I went to two Bible Schools for 3 years, studied Solution Focused Counseling and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and have also taken the Real Estate Licensing through the Business school at UBC.

For a period of 3 years (1995-1998) I worked as a Personal Coach and Training coordinator for a Personal Growth organization. I oversaw and assigned duties to our team of training assistants. I would facilitate various training processes as well as recruit and follow-up new and past trainees. I would also promote further advanced courses and training sessions.

Besides what I have done I am an Enthusiastic, Diligent, Dependable, Loyal person with Excellent Communication, Analytical, Organizational and People skills. I also have a good basic understanding of spoken Cantonese.

I believe my purpose is to uplift, encourage and add value to everybody I can. By showing and teaching them Principals and Values my goal is to help them fulfill their Destiny.