Estuardo Saavedra

Estuardo Saavedra

Director, Siempre Vision

A life devoted to learn and discover. Estuardo Saavedra is part of a family business, a bakery with 185 points of sales in Guatemala and El Salvador, Central America, which was founded in 1995. He holds degrees in engineering and law and masters degrees in economics and business administration.

Together with his brother, Estuardo oversees the family business and is in charge of keeping an eye on the future, while his brother is in charge of the operation.

Estuardo is the father of six children and parenthood is one of the things that define him as a person and a man. He values freedom, authenticity and unconditionality and is a firm believer in teaching his kids to explore life while remaining true to core values.

Estuardo loves photography, for it has taught him to see in new ways; he loves to read for it opens and expands his world.