Ed Nichols

Ed Nichols

Ed is devoted to Mary, his wife of 16 years, two stepdaughters and a 14-year old son.

Ed’s most significant work experience was his 17 years with Life Care Services, the leading development and management company of senior life care communities in the USA. At the time of his retirement in 2002, Ed’s oversight responsibility included Project Finance ($1 billion+ during his tenure), site-acquisition, and arranging equity-partnership.

Since retiring, Ed strives to be an example of God’s grace and the power of the Holy Spirit. He endeavors to evidence his fruit on other people’s trees. His strategy is twofold.

First, he devotes time to developing small groups of men in accepting their responsibility as authentic men in their families, workplace, government, schools, church, media and entertainment.

Second, Ed coaches high-capacity leaders to live a focused, intentional and strategic life.