Bob Kittridge

Bob Kittridge

GPS Certified Specialist, Certified Speaker, Trainer, Coach John Maxwell Team, Founding Member

Bob is an internationally recognized mentor, speaker, trainer and coach in the areas of leadership, personal development and professional coaching. He has helped many entry level and top management leaders as well as political leaders with leadership concepts and skills courses by transforming how leaders communicate and connect. Bob has the unique insight and understanding of how people react during critical times in their lives and what motivates and inspires them.

Bob is the co-founder of Kittridge Connection, Inc., a leadership and personal development company, that equips individuals, thought leaders and organizations with high performance solutions to ensure continuous improvement in personal growth and business results.

Following 35 years of success in sales, training and leadership roles in Emergency Services, Bob broadened his leadership training to include international audiences. This includes a trip to Guatemala teaching Transformational Leadership. Bob’s unique ability to connect with his audience generates excitement and enthusiasm for learning.

In 2011, Bob aligned himself with an industry leader, John C Maxwell. Bob also serves on the Presidents Advisory Council for the John Maxwell Team and is a facilitator in the 90 day Roadmap to Success program for new members in the John Maxwell Team.